At StratifAI, we develop multimodal artificial intelligence models that deliver meaningful prognostic insights from routinely available histology images and clinical data to guide treatment decisions in oncology.

Empowering oncologists and researchers with cutting-edge AI technology

Breast Cancer Recurrence CDx*

We created the most comprehensive breast cancer prognostication AI test, capable of assessing adjuvant chemotherapy benefit directly from routinely available hematoxylin & eosin-stained whole-slide images. This test helps reduce unnecessary overtreatment of breast cancer patients, lowers costs, and delivers rapid results compared to traditional genomic assays.

*Available for research use only

Biopharma R&D*

Building on years of research, we’ve developed a suite of AI tools that identify biomarkers from routinely available data. Our adaptable platform offers customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of biopharma partners.

*Available for research use only

Our Technology

We push the boundaries of precision oncology through artificial intelligence. Spinning off from two leading universities, we have pioneered AI-based precision oncology and multimodal AI.


Utilizing the latest deep learning architectures and innovations, including foundation models and transformer-based AI models.


Discovering new biomarkers for precision medicine to advance the fight against cancer.


Improving patient care with personalized treatment recommendations and data-driven guidance for optimized management and outcomes.

Our Service Reach

Explore how we can bring direct value to your individual needs

For Oncologists

Treatment Planning

Enhance individual treatment planning through precise prognostic models.

Clinical Decision-Making

Assist in deciding whether adjuvant chemotherapy is necessary.

Rapid Results

Enable faster treatment decisions with our fully digital workflow, providing same-day results.

For Patients

Personalized Treatment Plans

Treatment plans that are tailored to your specific need for a more effective fight against cancer in your body

Faster Diagnosis

Accelerated diagnosis so that treatment can start sooner leading to better outcomes

Reduced Overtreatment

Minimize side effects and burden from chemotherapy that might not be necessary

For Biopharma

Biomarker Discovery and Validation

Identify new biomarkers for the development of targeted therapies.

Clinical Trial Optimization

Improve patient selection and monitoring through reliable AI-driven analyses.

Unlock Spatial Insights

Harness spatial data from the tumor microenvironment to enrich your R&D processes

For Insurance Providers

Cost Reduction

Lower healthcare costs by avoiding unnecessary and expensive treatments

Improved Risk Assessment

Better risk and cost estimation with precise prognostic models

Optimized Resource Allocation

Optimize healthcare resources by identifying high-risk patients and allocating treatments effectively

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